New Build for the Redmi K20 Pro / Mi 9T Pro

The YAAP team · December 24, 2020



• Merge r24 (some minor security patches)

• Merge newer caf tag in audio/media/display hal, sepolicy and wlan

• Show the date on expanded QS when we can

• Fix one click to add tiles

• Volume panel theming fixes

• Fix ambient clock time update on some clock styles

• Add power menu wallet cards (Only works on NFC devices)

• Make OpenDelta (OTA) functional

• Remove dmesg capabilities from matlog

• Various other small fixes

• Updates to translations

• Enable Google PSU menu

• Update PSU to december

• Keep showing bottom brightness slider above footer

• QuickStatusBarHeader: Show the date when we can


• Fix ScreenRecorder lag

• Fix video playback in Prime video/Netflix

• Update GPU drivers from Nubia NX627J

• Fix Wifi display/Screen Mirroring/ Miracast

• Fix encryption on f2fs/ext4, use the new twrp to decrypt flash new build and format data to become encrypted

• Clean up lights HAL and bring LED behaviour closer to MIUI i.e breathe instead of blink

• Show alert dialog before raising camera always/ screen off

• Add HBM qs tile

• Add wireguard support

• Merge LA.UM.9.1.r1-08100-SMxxx0.0 and v4.14.212 into kernel

• Some brightness related fixes

• More fixes that I may have forgotten to mention

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